Ignite: Creative Discovery| January 2014

Life happened in an unexpected way, so I had to leave my nest.
I needed a break to sort things out, and figure it out my own self. So I did, and I still have a lot of work to do, but…
One thing I've learned…
I can express myself better when my mind is creating…imagining…wanting… kind of vigilant, waiting for that instant when my eyes see beauty…when my mind goes crazy… and my whole self is full of joy .
I am far from being the best of what I do, but I do my best when I do it.
So, for all those reasons I decided to return to my nest…where I know I can learn…share.
I am back to where it feels warm.
                               Thank you all for taking me back.

Please take time to follow the circle and see what pure art means, starting here  Katie, Kate Suzanne Photography, Asheville, NC photographer

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  1. Beautiful image, the textures are all so wonderful. I'm so glad you are back to creating and the warmth or our circle:)


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