I have been thinking about what to say here. What people want to know about me? Do they really care that I am married with a wonderful man, I have a wonderful son, a great family and the cutest cat in the world ?
I don't know.

Maybe people want to know that I love sweets, I am a dentist but I did have a few cavities.  I love children.  I love music... to dance, but I hate to exercise.... I love summer and wine is my favorite drink.
Maybe they want to know that I do feel sad sometimes and I cry.... I feel angry sometimes but I prefer I love laugh, really love to laugh and I do it loudly.
I don't know how much those things can tell about who I really am.

So I am working on this about me page, for months and still....

One thing,  I have a lot to say but my feelings still in Portuguese, I am from Brazil, so sometimes my emotions got lost in translation, and do not make a lot of sense. I usually do things with all my heart first, so sometimes I see myself caught in the moment of excitement and not thinking very straight ... That, sometimes,  can be very bad.

I started this project in a desperate search for answers. I wanted to know how far I could go with something so big. It is not easy to be inspired 365 days and a lot of times I just wanted to give up. I will try to do my best and have 365 posts, but I will not feel as a failure if I cannot do that. I just want to enjoy this journey.

Also I wanted to know how much more I could learn by sharing my work and getting inspiration for different people, with different styles.  I wanted to find the artist in me, the one that has been asleep for quite sometime. I wanted to find my passion, my style and a place to put all together and one year later be able to go back and find my path.

As they say, we are all born artists, but some of us just don't have time to look into things as they are. I am taking this year to do that. I am not sure where this will lead me, but I will have fun and laugh all the way.


You can contact me here  zenmindphotography@gmail.com  (I love emails)